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I’ve arrived!

I want to show you around the little house where i am staying…. It is 16msq which is the amount of space Sieban Linden create per  person. This is the little path leading up to it: Here it is:Inside it

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The Journey….

Well… after an early start 5am and excellent connections to Brussels everything that could go wrong did. Late and cancelled trains, moved platforms and … people on the track  (???)  so the journey went something like this…. plus  plus plus

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Nervous and Excited!

I am leaving tomorrow. Taking the train. 13 hours door to door. Not bad but the cost is 3 times what I would pay to fly. How can that be? There will be no change in behavior (ie using the

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Leslie off to Sieban Linden!

I am off to Sieban Linden, Northern Germany  at the end of this month to attend a month long course: Ecovillage Design Education & Full Permaculture Design Course    Sieban Linden is (from their website|)  a trend-setting intentional community project with

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The Power Of Food

Humans everywhere have to eat to live. We all have a right to good food, real food. Somewhere in our evolutionary journey we have become distanced from what this truly means. We have lost our connection to where our food

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