The Power Of Food

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Humans everywhere have to eat to live. We all have a right to good food, real food. Somewhere in our evolutionary journey we have become distanced from what this truly means. We have lost our connection to where our food comes from, and how important it is to our survival. In our modern, fast lives so many have lost the skills and knowledge to grow, cook and eat what is good for us.

Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Organic Fruit & Vegetables

Food provides us with so much more than sustenance, nutrition and energy….. food is our medicine. What we eat, when and how we eat has a profound effect on our overall health and well being, healing our bodies, influencing our moods. Eating and sharing good food brings us joy and gives us pleasure.

Chocolate Cake Slice with Raspberries

“Food is what we go to when we want to use all of our senses to draw in memories of the places and people we love enough to miss before they’re gone.”   Michael W Twitty, Culinary Historian & Author

Food is the glue that holds a community together. It is a key part of social life, marking every occasion of celebration in our lives from birth to weddings, graduation to funerals, the changing seasons,harvests and religious festivals. We grow food, cook it, eat it together…we pass on knowledge, social and cultural traditions, share memories and create new ones.  Modern communication via social media is further expanding our communities across many boundaries of language, class, ethnicity and nations as we share pictures, recipes, stories, journeys and memories of food.

People’s Kitchen

Food is our shared commons. During our hunter gatherer period food was a valued local resource in the control of local communities. With settlement and the development of agriculture our food has become a commodity to be traded for money or goods. Food production and distribution is controlled by big corporations, which has created inequalities in access to sufficient, quality and healthy food. Food today is also an agent of change.  Saving and sharing seed; growing and rearing our own food are the biggest acts of revolution that one can undertake to bring food back into the commons.

Urban Food Growing in London

Urban Food Growing in London

Communities around the world, are using sustainable agricultural methods, preserving the diversity and heritage of our foods, and actively changing the food system by addressing food justice issues of access and right to good food for everyone by supporting local food such as box schemes, food co-operatives and people’s kitchens.


Food is key part of LCNC’s vision.

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