The Permaculture Design Course begins…

Sandra ran through an introduction to Permaculture.  Here she is standing in front of her great pin board display of her session.


The ethics of permatulture are : Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share covering the three main areas Ecology, Social and Financial sustainability. There was some talk about chucking the word ‘sustainable’ which  feels like it means ‘only just surviving’ and replacing it with the word ‘thriving’. Thriving  seems to represent more of where we want to be; not just saving what little we have but regenerating these three areas. I like the word ‘thriving’ and prefer the ideas attached to it. I wonder if we can change?

These are the  founders of Permaculture which originally came from combining the words ‘permanent’ and ‘agriculture’ but has in recent years come to combine ‘permanent’ with ‘culture’ to add more to the concept than just ecological issues.


These are some of the  issues to be addressing  in permaculture design


These picture explains the approach to any problem of a person using permaulture principles.

P1300996Thanks Sandra.

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