Some Ditties…

We have had the occasion to write poetry.
Here is my effort: Guess what it is about!

A New Tale…
What is the house was raised on stone
What if the house was staked every fourth row
What if the house was compressed to make it solid
What if the house was cobbed to make it dry?
Then that old wolf wouldn’t have had it so easy…

Mark wrote a great poem to help us remember David Holmgren’s 12 permaculture principles. Thanks for letting me use this.

Here it is.


(the inclusion of hyphens – are to assist reader with rhythm/scansion)

So, Perma-culture

Where do we begin?

With Mollison’s thirty-five-Principles?

Or the twelve by David-Holmgren?

Each has a simple picture

To accompany a Proverb or Saying

That helps to illustrate

The point-which he-is relaying

Number-one, Observe-and-Interact he says

How can I make that rhyme?

Ah…Two, Catch and Store Energy

Make hay while-the-sun shines

Number three is Obtain a Yield

A root vegetable with leaves unfurled


With a picture of the World

Next-Use-and-Value Renewable-Resources-and-Services

Let nature take its course

This is Principle number five

With a picture of a horse

Number-six Produce No Waste

A stitch in time saves nine

As you can tell I choose the Saying-or-the-Picture

At random, so as to keep in rhyme (sort of)

Seven has a picture of a spider-web

Which may make a few of you freeze

Design from Patterns to Details

Can’t see the wood for the trees

Many hands make light work

Is the saying for number eight

The Principle is Inte-grate

Rather than Segregate

Use Small and Slow Solutions

Is a Snail with-perhaps a sad face

The bigger they are the harder they fall

Slow and steady wins the race

Use Edges and Value the Marginal


Which brings us to the Butterfly or it-could-be-a-Moth

Anyway it is the last


Principle-number-twelve by Holmgren D

Vision is not seeing things as they are

but as they will be

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