Painting Sandra’s Bathroom!

We painted Sandra’s bathroom using natural paint. The recipe for the paint is in an earlier blog. The bathroom was built by Martin and is a load bearing straw bale dome. It is covered in the most beautiful mosiacs which my photos, below, do not do justice to. As its a bathroom it was suggested we first painted the walls with some kind of primer.


 Here is Rakesh mixing the primer


You can see that the walls have discoloured over time. They were painted originally using a lime wash.

Here is Rakesh and Mauricio mixing the paint.

P1310319The others painted the  bathroom while Rakesh and I cooked the paint


You can see the last triangle being coveredP1310336My camera isn’t good enough to show the finished bathroom but you can see it behind these pictures of Martins’ beautiful mosaics. It does look much better!















It is a bathroom so we are all wondering how this flour and water paint will fair over time . An experiment. It was so great to be able to help out the community in a real way.  Thanks to Sandra and her household for letting us use their bathroom. And last but not least thanks to the painting crew! Hurray!P1310346


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One comment on “Painting Sandra’s Bathroom!
  1. J Safran says:

    The mosaics are beautiful. What a great idea.

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