A fantastic day out! Part 1

Last Thursday we all got on a coach at 8am and headed out to Wendland. There was so much to see that I am writing about the day in two  parts.

The first stop  was a local energy co-operative that Eva has helped to start. It is enough PVs for 200 families on a landfill site that cannot be used for anything else.

P1310617We then passed the old east -west German border . This 3k barrier has become a green belt and people are trying to protect it from being built on. Some towers from the old wall and fortifications have been left as reminders.

P1310627Dieter joined the coach. He has been an anti -nuclear activist since the 1970s and knows this subject inside out. He showed us the latest site where the central government have decided to put nuclear waste. Its a salt mine that will flood taking the waste into the ground water. There is both a government installation there and a protest site. The place was chosen originally as a site partly as it was near the border with  east Germany and  little populated at the time. The government hoped no one would notice. But this decision has meant that Wendland has become one of the most politicized areas in Germany where the Green Party  and many alternative initiatives started.

Here is Dieter telling us about the nuclear waste storage facility


And here is the facility with guard



P1310664One of the things the anti-nuclear protesters have done is placed a Greenpeace  boat on the  site. This boat had  fought against nuclear waste and weapons for many years and has been decommission. The site is owned by a conservative relative of the Hanover kings who the government thought would support them in their choice of a site for  nuclear waste disposal. When he found out what was involved he became an enthusiastic support of the anti-nuclear movement . He and his children continue to support the  movement.

P1310686No buildings are allowed to be built on this land so they brought the boat in pieces to the site and rebuilt it. Some of the locals complained that it was a building and should be removed but the court decided it was a monument so could stay!

One of the things that they did in the 70s  was start the Free Republic of Wendland

P1310713Here are some photos from the protest site

P1310723 P1310730P1310720




P1310731P1310738 P1310746




We had lunch at there.

Next time I will tell you about  the bio gas digester and the wind turbine,

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