A fantastic day out! Part 2

After visiting the sites where the German Government plan to store nuclear waste, which I talked about in part 1, we went to a bio gas digester plant. It doesn’t sound that interesting but it was great.








This poster shows the process the waste goes through to be turned into fuel.







These are the piles of things to be digested:

farm waste such as beets


one ton of parsley stalks (how big would that be!!)

every day from a nearby herb factory.



Dieter explained the process by which any organic matter can be turned into gas.

P1310760 P1310759










They showed us the machine that they have developed to clean the gas enough that it can be used easily by the grid and cars. It was quite amazing.

P1310764 P1310763Then we went to climb into a wind turbine. P1310832After that we went to see two organic farmers, one who uses horses and farms 1.7 hectares of land and one who uses all the latest equipment and farms 300 hectares. They are right next to each other and are friends, each seeing the benefits of the other’s ways.

P1310878  P1310880 P1310883 P1310884  P1310886   P1310889Here you can see people trying out a contraption which weeders lie on, in order to pick out the weeds from the organic fields. They do this for seven hours a day.

After this we went for a great supper at a restaurant which has been a haunt for activists since the 70s. The ‘X’s which are everywhere are a sign of anti-nuclear protestors.

P1310906     P1310934 P1310937










A fantastic day out!








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2 comments on “A fantastic day out! Part 2
  1. J Safran says:

    What a fabulous day out! Guess modern and traditional each has it’s own benefits and disadvantages.

  2. Yes that’s true. But we have swung so far seeing technology as good and ‘by hand’ as bad that there needs to be a thoughtful rebalance.

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