Celebrations Ahead!

P1340226Building is not my thing. For about two years the rest of the management committee have been so excited about our building project and have learned so much. I did get excited with them at some points but physically building an actual structure is something which my body does not lend itself easily to doing. I have learned about the benefits of straw bale and have been told about the importance of using this type of building material if we want to have cities with houses which don’t take up a major part of our footprint. On Sunday I joined the rest of the team to see what progress they had made, and I was amazed at what I found. Granted, it is very small, but isn’t that the point? This is just the start. It is a learning process, and learning is so important to all of us at LCNC. If you have followed us, you will have got some glimpse into what a learning process it has been. I was particularly impressed by the ramp! And I have been assured that it will be fine in the winter. We shall see about that…

Inside is small and cosy and there is enough space to work. It is very functional and the garden, to me, was very impressive. So whilst I have been sitting at my computer, sitting in meetings, making coffee, and occasionally doing the washing-up, a great achievement has been accomplished. On Sunday 20th July we will be celebrating this achievement and thanking everyone, including the coffee maker, for all the hard work that has gone into the building and the organisation so far. We want you to join us in marking this occasion and we want your input and involvement in the next phase of making our vision a reality.

P1340249 P1340252

There will be food, music, a load of activities for all ages and you will be able to see what all our projects are about and get involved. Come and be as impressed as I was, and enjoy the day. See http://www.lcnc.org.uk for full details of time and venue. See you there.

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