LCNC’s Day of fun, food and celebrations…

On 20th July LCNC hosted a day of fun, food and celebration at a local hall.

Many of our friends, neighbours and volunteers joined us. Over seventy people came.


Each project within LCNC had a table with activities.

Below is a photo of Lil, from LCNC’s mutual fund, leading the activities about credit, money and how we can do things differently.


Multi use work space was represented by making your own smoothie from surplus fruit, that is fruit which would otherwise be thrown away. The fruit was from the fruit and veg stall on the corner of Harrow Road and from Grassroots Fruit and Veg in Peel Precinct. We also have to thank Grow Heathrow for loan of their smoothie bike and Aden for helping out on the day.


People made orgiami seed pots from newspaper and planted them for the urban agriculture  activity.


Pride of place was the magnificent cake made by Alison.


Guess what it is?!

We also need to thank our wonderful face painters and the fabulous Home Ed Choir who provided the musical entertainment.





There were three well attended tours of our ‘old girl’, the straw bale office and permaculture garden that we have been creating. It was very inspiring and gave us renewed energy to see how excited people are about alternative building and how much support there is for LCNC’s projects.









Thank you to everyone who came, supported us and helped to make the day so much  fun!

We will see you again soon.

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One comment on “LCNC’s Day of fun, food and celebrations…
  1. J Safran says:

    Darling, this is so wonderful (and I’m so sorry to have missed it) that I’m moved to tears and am forwarding it to Sandy! Love you, M

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