Degrowth Conference 2014, Leipzig, Germany


I have just come back from the Degrowth Conference in Leipzig. What a fantastic time!  I was not that taken with Degrowth itself. It seems to be an attempt to merge in some way political and ecologic views about how to move toward a sustainable future. But it is very woolly. Many people had great analyses of how bad it is now and wonderful realistic visions for how society can be better in many different areas of society. But very few wanted to speak about how we get from one to the other! But that aside… the conference was really well organised. There were over 3000 people attending and over 600 contributors from countries all over the world. The food was excellent and given the numbers they were feeding, the queues went quite quickly (you can see where my priorities lie!)

P1370604                                          People helping to prepare the food.

I met some fantastic people, saw some old friends, renewed acquaintances, made lots of new contacts,  went to some great practical workshops  and saw Leipzig which is a wonderful city.

You can see more about the conference here including lots of videos.

On the last day there was a march through town. People made these ‘hand banners’ with which they took pictures either pointing to or holding a corporation name or logo ‘ in the hand’ (in the photo). It is really clever.








There was also a fantastic samba band and some theatrical performances to the bemused people of Leipzig and four police persons who ran up and down a lot looking important and busy!









Then we went to a nearby coal fired power plant.


It is the 10th dirtiest plant in Europe. There was a direct action training and food laid on at the power station. All very jolly, friendly and interesting.

Thank you Degrowth organisers for making it all happen and bringing us all together!

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One comment on “Degrowth Conference 2014, Leipzig, Germany
  1. Joan Safran says:

    The dirty coal fired plant looks rather like nuclear installations.

    Amazing that the serious purpose was executed in a joyful way.

    wish I were there, M

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