Willow for the Old Girl!

The Otherwise Club just returned from a week at Paddington Farm. We have been going there every February for at least 19 years.  This year they have done so  much to the place but the exciting thing for LCNC is willow!

We want to make, this summer, two willow walls (Hurdles) for our toilet. They will be made from hazel uprights (as they are stronger than willow) with  woven between them. This is an ancient way to make walls, easy and cheap as they had the materials to hand and willow grows fast. You can make lots of things with it with a little imagination.

Here is the willow growing at Paddington Farm in their maze


You cut off the long uprights and tuck the little ones in to strengthen the structure.

P1400613Then you grade the cut pieces


We will be guerrilla gardening some. All you need do is plant 2/3 of the stick into the ground (after soaking it for a day) and it should grow! Then you have willow every year to make stuff with! Great eh?

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