Could you live in a small space?

LCNC thinks that we have to start living in much smaller private spaces – using public spaces as our party, meeting space and guest rooms – more like the continent has always done. Space is  a resource which is in short supply just as clean air, water and energy are.

I rented a small flat/room in Paris for a few days when there on holiday and realised that the room was the size of private space of the future.  It was 3m x 4m floor space with a tiny kitchen and full bathroom. Not only that it was an attic space so while most of the ceiling height was 2.50m much of it sloped down to 1m.

People already live in small spaces!

The Bathroom

P1020104 P1020105

The table and wardrobe


The front door opposite the kitchen


The Kitchen


The bedroom/sitting room part of the spaceP1020109 P1020110

What do you think? Could you  live in this small a space?

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2 comments on “Could you live in a small space?
  1. J Safran says:

    I could survive there but……….live? M

  2. You might feel differently if you had other spaces to do ‘big’ things in. So you would use the community centre to have parties in, the community kitchen to have friends over and book the communal guest room when you wanted it. It will take some getting use to but there should not be a lack of services just a change in the way they are provided.. The luxury of each or us, or many of us having our own personal extra spaces is not possible. Most of the world lives in small spaces than this! This flat is considered habitable in Paris which is not so far away from our culture!. Now we see why the cafes are so well used there. No room to invite people home. Maybe it will make our culture more friendly!

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