Fantastic Day at Walter’s Way

We have to thank the people of Walter’s Way for a spectacular  and historic day last Saturday. 19 September. As part of Open House London they organised a day of talks with three important people  highly knowledgeable about Walter Segal and his design method. I felt part of a very special event and rare event.

The first speaker was John McKean who knew Segal, has visited  his buildings and  wrote a book about Segal’s work. The book is now out of print and very sought after but he is thinking of reprinting it. Please do!


The second speaker was Walter’s son,  John Segal,  gave a more personal reminisce of his father and his work


The third speaker was Jon Broome, an architect who worked with Segal as a young man and knew his ideas about building design and self build from experience.


It was a real honour to be in the company of these men telling us their personal memories of Segal, their understanding of his building techniques  and how the  1980s self builds in Lewisham came about. I was reminded of why Segals’ ideas are so important and relevant .


This model is what Segal used to allow people to design their own homes.


A model of a Segal build.

After watching the film made about Segal building method and the self builders of Walter’s Way. the BBC documentary film; “The House That Mum and Dad Built (1982) , we looked around one of the resident’s house and at all the changes they have made. They are beautiful buildings and cosy and practical homes.


Thank you so much the families of Walter’s Way for letting us come into your homes and also for realising that you live in a historic place that needs to be shown particularly at this point in London’s housing history.

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