Day out at Springhill Co-Housing Community, Stroud

A few weeks ago i went to visit a friend who has moved to Springhill Co-housing Community in Stroud. I had been before many years ago when it was being built.The project is now  11 years old and much more weathered and lived in. It was looking really beautiful in the autumn light. It is  a short walk from the centre of town and built on land that is difficult to build on (a steep slope) but this gives it magnificent view. What they have done is impressive.  There are issues for me with it, like it mostly for sale,  but the main thing is they have done it!

From the website:

Springhill Cohousing is near the centre of Stroud in Gloucestershire. It is the first new-build cohousing scheme to be completed in the UK. There are 34 units, ranging from one bedroomed flats to five bedrooomed houses. There is a three-storey common house with a kitchen where meals are cooked and served three times a week – other shared meals and community-based social activities happen there too.

Some of my photos:


The Common House



The housing looks lived in and softened with planting..


The main way



The chickens…


Veg beds….



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