About LCNC

London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative (LCNC)
Pioneering Urban Living

London Community Neighbourhood Co-operative (LCNC) is an innovative urban project who are making a positive difference. With increasing climate challenges, breakdown of communities and financial insecurity, LCNC is committed to being part of the solution. LCNC plans to create a community run, low tech, flexible model for future urban living. Our vision is to build a community centre and separate apartment building run by and for those who live, work and play in the area. At the core of our model are the principles of economic, environmental and social sustainability.

LCNC envisions six connected projects enhancing an existing urban London neighbourhood, including:
a lifelong learning centre with available community space;
urban agriculture to address a range of food security issues;
a café providing and promoting healthy food;
fair rent intergenerational housing;
affordable multi use work space; and
a local mutual fund.

The development will consist of a three story, load bearing, straw bale block of flats and separate community centre. It will be one of the largest urban straw bale buildings in Europe and the first of its kind in the UK. Using universal design principles and low impact construction materials and components we aim to be a model of off grid (as far as possible) urban living.


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